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The Wrestling Connoisseur: I Think Raw Gave Me Salmonella

It’s not very often that there is such a monumental RAW episode that I have to write specifically about it. Last night’s May 21 show started with the typical fanfare. That fanfare entails… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: Marksists And Why The Audience Matters

Here’s the problem with the concept of superficiality within the wrestling business. Despite the aspects of a wrestler’s look, whether it’s a muscular build or breast implants or what-have-you, superficiality does not necessarily… Continue reading

Dada…Dammit: Issue 11- EMERGENCY!

Okay, well, it wasn’t an emergency to get this post up. Maybe it’s been awhile. Most of my time has been focused on two things:  family and my novel. The novel is another… Continue reading

Creativity Feedback; or the Artistic Closed Loop

How many people have experienced writer’s block? A show of hands, please. None of you are alone. And it’s not just writers either. All creative people suffer blocks. Some people swear by particular… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: One Good Turn Deserves Another

From my column on Inside Pulse, September 2017.   Today’s landscape of WWE’s RAW and Smackdown are a bit perplexing. The plethora of talent on both shows is top tier, but the writing… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: Fixing Women’s Wrestling, 205, and Anything Not Cena/Orton/Reigns

This is my post from Inside Pulse, July 2017.   WWE is notorious for only paying attention to their top tier of wrestlers. Lately, if your name isn’t John Cena, Randy Orton, or… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: The Fluctuating Quantum State of Pro Wrestling, or Murphy’s Law and WWE

This is my article from my article from July 31, 2017 at Inside Pulse.  In is out. Up is down. Left is right. Retro is…you get the idea. It seems that these days… Continue reading

DADA…DAMMIT: ISSUE 10- The First Third Day

Holy sweet deity of your choosing…it has been a long week. Few weeks? I have lost all sense of time. My wife has as well. That’s what it’s like with a sick child.… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: The Wrestling Match As Story

All parts of a story are important. Novels hang on the initial hook on the opening page. If the reader isn’t hooked they’re lible to chuck the book across the room. Characters need… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: Sleepless in Suplex City

The Wrestling Connoisseur: The (B)Romance or Sleepless in Suplex City Wrestling is full of memorial moments. These often consist of great in-ring choreography or an entire match in some circumstances. On occasion a… Continue reading