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DADA…DAMMIT: ISSUE 10- The First Third Day

Holy sweet deity of your choosing…it has been a long week. Few weeks? I have lost all sense of time. My wife has as well. That’s what it’s like with a sick child.… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: The Wrestling Match As Story

All parts of a story are important. Novels hang on the initial hook on the opening page. If the reader isn’t hooked they’re lible to chuck the book across the room. Characters need… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: Sleepless in Suplex City

The Wrestling Connoisseur: The (B)Romance or Sleepless in Suplex City Wrestling is full of memorial moments. These often consist of great in-ring choreography or an entire match in some circumstances. On occasion a… Continue reading

Dada…Dammit: Issue 6-Reality Bites & The Asshole Dad

Where was the parents? Yes, I asked that question. I ask that question every time I hear of a child left in the car that died. I ask that question when a child… Continue reading

Dada…Dammit: Issue 5-Cold, Sticky Feet

I enjoy being a Stay-At-Home-Dad. No, I really do. Many people have a priority in life of having a career, reaching that terminal degree, making millions. I’ve always made it a goal to do… Continue reading

Dada…Dammit: Issue 4-Promise

I promised my daughter we’d go swimming. This is a big thing for me-mainly because I dread taking her to the pool. Have i mentioned my anxiety? I don’t like being around people.… Continue reading

Wrestling Connoisseur: iRant.

I tend to relate the articles I write to story telling. Wrestling, at its finest, is storytelling. The build up to the match is a story. The match itself is a story. Every… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: The Novel Wrestling Season

The Wrestling Connoisseur: The Novel Wrestling Season Every wrestling company has toted their BIG pay per view. For WWE it has always been Wrestlemania. For WCW it was The Great American Bash. New… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: Antagonists

The Wrestling Connoisseur: The Antagonist, or How To Be The Bad Guy “He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.” – Edmund Burke There… Continue reading

The Wrestling Connoisseur: One More For The Protagonist

  Wrestling is athletic. It’s dramatic. It is story telling. The beauty of professional wrestling, or sports entertainment, is that it encompasses so many great elements of stories. The key role in these… Continue reading