DADA…DAMMIT: ISSUE 10- The First Third Day

Holy sweet deity of your choosing…it has been a long week. Few weeks? I have lost all sense of time. My wife has as well. That’s what it’s like with a sick child. And the first week of school. Many parents can relate. Having a sick child is one of the worst things in the world. And that first week of school EVER is a bitter sweet moment. Together they’re the pits.

Most ailments for young kids can be quickly summed up with a visit to the pediatrician. A little medicine, some reassurance, a sticker, and some ice cream and the healing process is underway. At times nothing seems too large and after some heart-thumping worry, parents can relax knowing their child is safe. Sometimes a sickness hangs a round a little too long though. Return the heart-thumping.

Couple that with the first day of Kindergarten and the whole shebang that goes a long with it and there’s Cthulhu has some chaos waiting. When did Kindergarten turn into Freshman year at the state university anyway? I can remember just showing up on the first day. Maybe we tossed some stuff together, a pencil, crayons, whatever. But these lists are crazy. Thank goodness Grandma wanted to buy this stuff. She said it was  a tradition. (Thanks Grandma!) I have quite literally bought less things for college art classes. And, much to my laughter and my wife’s chagrin, ever pencil, marker, crayon, box, item, unit was marked with our daughter’s name. Secretly my wife loved it since she was able to use her cherished label maker. She’s also planning on labeling everything throughout the house to help with our daughter’s spelling. Yeah, that’s why.

Throughout the entire process, our daughter continued a high fever. The Sandman visited us parents very rarely throughout. Finally the last doctor’s visit we seemed to catch a break. We missed the first two days of school though. The teacher’s face was utter confusion as this mystery student walked in and went straight to her chair. Who is this child?  But we finally arrived for the bittersweet first/third day of school. We took our photos. We shed no tears but sighs of relief. Now if we could only catch up on sleep.