Dada…Dammit: Issue 8-The Vacation

Vacations. Those delicious nuggets of non-work days. The first definition on Google is “an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.” Most definite. I know what you’re thinking. Where do people from Hawai’i vacation? The usual answer is Las Vegas, but this year vacation began with the idea of visiting relatives; my wife’s grandmother’s sister to be more exact. I won’t go into all the details of that, but it quickly broke down like this:

  1. Texas to visit family.
  2. That’s a long flight. Let’s make a pitstop to…
  3. California!
  4. Ya know since we’re in California…
  5. Disney!
  6. Then to Texas for a few days.
  7. Back to Californ-I-A!

Originally I hadn’t planned on going at all. Let me repeat-at all. It was going to be three generations of ladies on their own, to visit Texas and Disney. My plans were fourteen days of gluttonous, laborious writing. My plan was to finish book two of my science fiction series. (Book one is being edited currently) It was a beautiful idea. Everyone was excited about their vacation. Then I told my wife she needed to practice taking the car seat in and out. And boy would there be a lot of taking the seat in and out. The flight left from Kona and we live on the other side of the island. The car seat would come out in Kona, packed through the airport, picked up in California, packed back through the airport to the rental car, installed until the Texas flight, uninstall-pack across-pick up in Texas, reinstall-uninstall-pack back to the airport-pickup in baggage-reinstall, uninstall to go home. Whew. And the luggage. Oh man, the luggage.

Soon my fourteen-day vacation at home began to slip away. My wife wanted me to now come. Intense negotiations began. In the end, my fourteen-day vacation turned into a two-day vacation…in California while they went to Disneyland. Book two is mostly outlined. The caffeine-induced two weeks of writing fever didn’t happen. But that’s okay, tomorrow my parents are coming from the mainland to visit for awhile. They want to spend time with their granddaughter. And that means Daddy time to write and edit. Stay tuned!