DADA…DAMMIT: ISSUE 7-Daddy’s log…

Daddy’s log…stardate 9-19-2016, 17:32:09 HST

Have you ever had one of those days? I can’t blame it on a lack of sleep. I slept long and hard last night and didn’t wake up until way late in the morning. My daughter was still asleep when I woke up. I was able to feed the cats and start the coffee before she woke. Before she needed me. It took awhile to get her out of bed. I could tell she was going to have one of those days. After luring her out of the bedroom I returned to the kitchen for my dark roast coffee. But first her yogurt-my daughter’s morning staple. A staple we were out of. No. Yogurt. I bartered the ensuing rant and rave down to a banana and orange fruit cup and Caprisun. The straw was used to puncture and drink the “juice” from the orange cup. Meltdown avoided.

I could finally sit down to read email with my coffee. A few days ago I had bought a glorious Christmas present-to-be from Ebay. It was an amazing deal on an extra large toy, a giant battle vehicle that went with the Imaginext toys my daughter loves. It was missing several parts, a space shuttle, weapons, figures, launching pads and who knows what else, but the price was great. I outbid the others, every time hoping it wouldn’t go over the imaginary marker I had set in my head. (It did.) I bid anyway, just another dollar, and won. To read the email of the order being cancelled…I was beyond let down. I had won the bidding! Alas, it was the seller that tortured me. Ebay settled on their excuse of Out of Stock. In reality, they didn’t want to pay the shipping that was stated.

I really do understand. I want to sell some things on Ebay but I haven’t checked into the shipping cost yet. I plan to do the research. But I’m not going to list something before that. That is what I have the biggest issue with. The words on the page.  The seller is responsible. Well, not this time I guess.

So one most awesome amazing glorious Christmas present was gone. There will be others. Maybe better.

That’s okay. The day was still ahead. My wife was coming home for lunch to take our daughter to ballet. Meaning I would get the whole hour to edit. All it would cost me was having lunch ready for her. Done and done. Now that’s a deal!

The editing was going decently. I’ve been using a program that I shalt not name that highlights passive verbs and hard to read sentences. Lately, it’s been a little unstable I’ve noticed. I’m not sure if it’s because of an update or not, but the ctrl + z shortcut only works half the time. And the other half it completely wipes out what you’ve done. To say the least after getting to the end of the section I was editing the entire piece was gone. Every edit. And redo is nowhere to be found. Nowhere. Breathe. So…I re-edited the edit.

That’s been my day. Among other small mishaps. I dumped my bowl of food getting it out of the microwave moments ago. But that’s okay. The clock is counting down. It’ll be night soon. I did edit a piece today. And that’s another chapter I can scratch off for the novel draft 2.