I’ve updated many of my older linked articles from over at Inside Pulse where I write about wrestling (compared to writing!) with the articles themselves. Newer articles I’ll link directly to the site.

I haven’t been very forthcoming on my novel. I’m currently in the editing stage, although it’s a ways off from being ready to publish-that’ll be a whole other dimension to tackle. But I have been plotting book two of the series. For those that enjoy sci-fi space drama, stay tuned. I also have a few fantasy ideas on the back burners that I’m eager to complete in the future.

I’ve had some comic plans in the works for a long time and plan to post some previews at some point. We’ll see how that pans out as it is still in the developmental stages of my brain. The stories seem to be finally coming together.

That’s about all the news in this neck of the woods.

As always…


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