Three Rules of Inspiration (or a little pep talk)

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” -Pablo Picasso

Many an artist or writer will use the excuse that they must be “inspired.” I know I have personally and worst of all-I believed it. The concept of not being able to start, continue, or complete work without inspiration is the mind-killer. It’s a witty excuse to procrastinate, a faithful white lie that is so easy to believe, but what it isn’t is an unbeatable monster. It just takes some self-fortitude and some very contrived…inspiration.

As Picasso said, it must find us working. What he means is that inspiration will come to us, but some days artists and writers cannot afford to wait. They must write, write, write. It’s never an easy thing. As an artist, too, I can say that it is the constant practice that makes a person better. Writing is no different. Sometimes the work feels stale. Sometimes it’s pure crap. But it gets better.

So the three rules (this is totally ad lib, but whatever works) are:

Perspire. Inspire. Or expire.

Simply put in the hard work and inspiration will come or, otherwise, wait for inspiration and never find accomplishment.


Until next time,