Where was I…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I sit here, half asleep, drinking once-hot-now-cold tea trying to remember what I was going to blog about. It’s the typical story any parent can remind you of being in the angst of starting something when you’re called away. C’est la vie. That’s life, I suppose. And it actually has been for the last several weeks. (If you couldn’t tell by my absence.)

I suppose I can go the safe route and speak on what makes me thankful. I could bring up all the usual stuff, but I’ll start with one big reason why I’ve been AWOL-my parents.

They came to visit for my daughter’s birthday and stayed the whole month. It was an extremely good visit. My daughter is a ripe age to enjoy and for grandparents that don’t get to see her very often at all her non-stop talking and all the time LOOK AT ME mentality was, I’d say, quite charming. For a whole month I was able to catch up with the folks. It’s a lot different than chatting online or talking on the phone here and there. These are the sort of things we take for granted unless you live thousands of miles away, where the journey is more like crossing Middle Earth to Mordor than taking the Interstate.

I am very thankful for having eyes wide open. I have always tried to live life if not to the fullest then to the most aware. That means sometimes being aware of the little moments that make life worth while, those small increments that flash up in ancient years. We’ve all heard our grandparents speak of those moments but how many really listen to the advice? I am beyond thankful for being a stay-at-home-dad. It allows me to experience moments with my daughter that I’m not sure I would otherwise. I get to see her growth first hand, mentality, emotionally and physically. And while it can be most taxing and time consuming, it’s the hardest best job in the world.

And I can’t say the above without being most thankful to my wife. She’s on top of everything and forever balancing her heavy work load and home life. Not to mention having to deal with one of those crazy artist/writer types.

Be thankful. Be grateful. Be wonderful.

Until next time,