Artwork #2

Most of my characters draw inspiration from somewhere. In the super hero business there’s really not much left in creativity. I’d say creative aspects come primarily in packaging and storytelling now-a-days. The Superman/God-like character, the tech savvy, wealthy, highest-reaching-human Batman/Iron Man type, the speedster, the strong guy, the witch/warlock, the super soldier, etc. The list goes on and on. In many ways super heroes are like mythology. Zeus/Jupiter/Odin and so forth. In almost every mythological aspect there is an equal in another myth.

My character  Magnus, pictured in the pinkish purple outfit with yellow highlights is very much a Superman style character.


The other two characters here show some strong resemblances to Batman and Superman. I always find they are two very direct type bases I work off of visually. The cape and cowl is a classic look and anything with a cape and cowl is going to have a certain Batman feel to it. Pros and cons. I’m a big fan of the old school look of super heroes like when Superman had those red underwear on top of his tights. Does anyone remember when wrestlers did this too? Just google Jerry Lawler. He was notorious for having a different, albeit matching, trunks on top of his tights. Anyway, I love the look. Mister Radioactive-no-name here has that classic feel, the Superman-strong jaw, imposing stance, floating in the air.


Sometimes I just enjoy creating different characters with their various abilities. I think it’s the idea that I’ll do a comic one day and have this ample notebook of ideas I can toss at my hero.