Dada…Dammit: Issue 2

Being a stay-at-home-father doesn’t always mean staying at home. My wife’s job sometimes calls for traveling and as such we sometimes tag along. This allows for my daughter to see quite a bit of variety and, while we don’t take many vacations, it definitely tallies up (for her at least) to nice little mini-vacations with complimentary pools and water slides. It is fun to get out of the house, soak up some air conditioning, and not have to deal with rampant daily chores, but the traveling process isn’t my idea of fun.

After arrival though I do enjoy the amenities. The only drawback is the dreadful…sickness. There is nothing worse than being sick and away from home. On the last legs of our trip I came down with a high fever. The remaining few days passed in a rather hurried blur and the plane ride home, albeit fever-free, played out in a dream-like session.

Then the worst scenario-my daughter was sick. There is no worse feeling than your child being sick. Her fever reached painstaking heights and the Tylenol and Advil seemed to do little. She tested free of the flu. All good stuff. But the fever remained and for three days my wife and I battled the fever with bear hugs and pop-sickles, luke warm baths, and constant text messages while she was at work. And Grandma worked up folkloric potions of chicken noodle and ginger based soups.

I am a firm believer in the older a parent is, the worse they have it. This is where the phrase young and dumb comes into play. I stress have children when you’re younger. You know nothing and in return ignorance is bliss. Nearing forty (man, that sounds strange) and knowing what I do, fear pours in and I fall utterly back on my wife’s medical wisdom on drugs and measurements. A parent just wishes to switch places with their child when they are sick. I’d rather fight a fever all week than watch my daughter with one for one night. Such is the life of a parent.