DaDa…Dammit: Issue 1

As a SAHD (Stay-at-home-Dad) and father there is a plethora of things that quite honestly piss me off. Today’s big winner was a mother. This comes on the heels of reading an article about two parents that left their 3-year-old child at a rest stop and then proceeded to drive 93 miles. They only stopped and turned around after police had radio stations announce that a child had been left behind. This was in Europe if I recall (long day) and the parents called the police on the way back-those 93 miles, to pick up the child. Not to digress, but I find it completely amazing that a parent can lose track of their child.

Back on subject. Today, after my daughter’s tap dancing class and putting her in the car a mother drives up to take her child to the next dance class in an extremely limited parking lot. This parking lot hosts several businesses and the passage way between the businesses and the parking can barely fit two cars side by side without one having to pull over. The parking is always cramped but around the corner there is usually space at the Christian Center or food shop. We’re talking about a fifteen to twenty foot walk away from the dance class at most.

So this mother first pulls up and blocks off a neighboring car shop as my wife is putting my daughter in the car. I hear the shop owner come out and tell her she can’t park there. (Obviously, she was blocking his business and anyone that would enter the area.) She then backs up to take our spot. My daughter is 3-years-old and just finished running around a very hot class room. Any parent can imagine the luxury of putting a child in the car at this point. It takes time. This mother, however, decides to wait and blocks anyone that needed to leave while she put her child’s shoes on and waited for our stall. She then sent her child to class alone while she sat in the car.

My beef: 1. There is very limited amount of space. Anyone that is partaking of businesses in this area knows if there isn’t any parking spots you circle around as to not be in the way and create a potential accident. 2. There are chlidren coming in and out of this area. Children don’t always look. They run. And with such parents out there today who lose track of their children this creates a potential accident. If someone is in a hurry and tried to get around this mother they could potentially not see a child running out. The mother may not either since she’s so focused on a parking spot. 3. The mother saw our family (I know this from the constant staring and thought bubble “They’re leaving!”). She surely saw my daughter who needs to be buckled into her car seat and myself, leg laced up in a medical boot for my torn Achilles and walking with a cane. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I saw me the last thing I’d be thinking is that this stall is opening up quick.  4. I have a huge issue with sending the child in alone. We’re not talking about an older child here. I’m being lenient in presuming the girl was five years old. I am a protective parent, no doubt. But once this mother sent her child away she never looked back. Total focus on parking stall. There is potential for the child to get hurt. Whether she needs something from the car or what-have-you.

The moral of the story is to make good choices and watch your children. We do not live in a society anymore where a child is raised by a village.We are responsible for them and we’re responsible for the consequences of our actions.

Until next time….