Most Days…

Most days I start with a plan of getting at least something accomplished. Of course, most days that’s exactly the opposite of what happens. So far the stay-at-home aspect of my journey has nothing accomplished this week. Except dishes. Always the dishes. And by the way, there are more dishes already.  Dishes are exhausting. A necessary evil if you will. Today I didn’t do them. They’re sitting in the sink frothing over ideas to take over the kitchen.

Today I woke at 7 a.m. to get ready for one of the most dreaded aspects of my existence-dental appointments. I have always hated going to the dentists. Nothing against dentists, I’m sure they’re nice people when they’re not bringing people to tears. I must confess that my current dentist really does seem like a nice guy even when he’s telling me to floss more often. He looks like a Japanese Stephen King and oddly it doesn’t freak me out despite the dental equipment. Anxiety to the max.

The dental appointment was the only accomplishment today. The house is still a disaster. There are by far too many baskets of laundry to do. It’s actually an unbelievable amount of laundry. My daughter’s clothes are in every single room of the house, as though we may forget where we keep them or some extreme emergency arises and we must dress her right then! And my wife’s clothes multiply like fed Gremlins after a dip in the pool. Oh the pool. Okay despite all the house work that needs to be done it was hot today. And hot days means only one thing-kiddie pool.

I am probably the worst, or best, when it comes to taking those moments. I fully believe in living in the moment, especially as a father of a three-and-a-half-year-old-going-on-sixteen little girl. It’s so cliche but they do grow so fast. So yeah, kiddie pool all afternoon. Time well spent despite adding to the heaping piles of laundry and allowing the dishes to plot more. And let’s not even begin to talk about writing. Ahem.

Writers have to write. We need to write. And I honestly haven’t written that much this past month besides a short story or two. However, the novel is cooling off and the editing process is about to begin on August 1st. I have to admit I’m excited to start the first edit. I have friends eager to read the second draft and I’m eager to fix any mistakes from the first brutal draft. Expect plenty of updates in the coming months on that process.

I am also hoping to do some sort of comic…thing on here, although I’m not exactly sure what that will be. Perhaps a full blown comic of some kind or just random comic art. Besides the ramblings of fatherhood, delusions of writing, and art stuff I’ll also be getting my geek on with science related topics and wrestling rants. So if you enjoy any of those things I hope I can entertain you.


Until next time…